Goodbye Chloe

1. What inspired you to be a manager at the Wildlife Medical Clinic?I remember watching the senior manager of the WMC when I was just starting in the clinic as a first-year vet student, and…
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Yard Safe Tips for Wildlife

WMC Program Coordinator Sydney Oliveira and Dr. Danielle Lang share tips to be mindful of wildlife safety as we move into Spring!

How to Love Your Wildlife Neighbors

February is the month when we show love to those who are important to us. Here are some ways to show love to the wildlife in your local neighborhood: 1. Provide a habitat that is…
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Introducing Petunia!

Petunia, a Virginia Opossum, was brought to the Wildlife Medical Clinic in May of 2022 as a joey, which is the term used to describe a baby opossum. A Good Samaritan rescued her and her…
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Hello to our new Manager!

We are excited to announce our new incoming junior manager: Tyson Jenkins, class of 2026. Over the next 8 weeks, he will be training alongside our current managers so that he is ready to fill…
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The Snowy Owl

As winter creeps in, bringing its brisk winds and snowy skies, this feature is about one animal who does not mind these chills! The snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) which is an Arctic species that periodically…
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2022 in the Wildlife Medical Clinic

Watch Dr. Sam Sander and Sydney Oliveira on ciLiving as they talk about the past year at the Wildlife Medical Clinic in terms of how many and what animals we saw and who all helped…
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Winter and Ambassador Animals

Here at the Wildlife Medical Clinic, our ambassador birds, reptiles, and mammals prepare for winter with a little bit of help from our team. Birds of prey need to increase their body weight by 25-30%…
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