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International Programs

Experience veterinary medicine in an international context through summer study abroad programs or senior clinical rotations at universities in Europe, Africa, Australia, and more.


International veterinary medicine is a growth area within the profession.

From feeding the world’s population and the economic importance of international trade to emerging diseases from environmental disruption and exponential international travel, global issues are critical to veterinary medicine both in the U.S. and abroad. Veterinary students need an understanding of different cultures and exposure to veterinary problems in other countries.

[Tanzania study abroad group poses together on a cliff]

Tanzania; Spay, Neuter, and Infectious Disease Control, 2016

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This experience has been so rewarding and no doubt will remain the most memorable of my clinical year.  I have gained confidence as a surgeon by honing old skills and learning new skills.

Sara Beard, Briana Grymonprez, Julie Nelson, Gosia Pajak, and Ariella Samson, Tanzania, Spay, Neuter, and Infectious Disease Control, 2016

Illinois students are encouraged to expand their horizons. Illinois offers a course in international veterinary medicine, and faculty-organized and -led trips provide intensive experiences in other countries each summer.

There are also opportunities through Memoranda of Understanding with veterinary institutions on three continents.

Many Illinois students take advantage of veterinary service trips organized through non-governmental organizations.

[Vecere poses with an elephant while studying abroad in South Africa]

South Africa, Selati Wildlife Experience Program, 2017

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By the end of my first week I already thought I was in heaven – then we spent two days trying to dart and treat an injured leopard, and the end result was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me to monitor his anesthetic levels in the field while seeing true wildlife medicine in play.

Gina Vecere, South Africa, Selati Wildlife Experience Program, 2017

Each student contributes to a record of the trip, which is posted online in blog form to benefit others interested in international veterinary medicine.

[Taylor Jones poses in front of a waterfall while studying abroad in Brazil]

Brazil, Study Abroad Trip, 2017

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I had the opportunity to explore a different culture and country, observe a ‘day in the life of a zoo/wildlife veterinarian,’ and work with two more famous Brazilian veterinarians at Refugio and Parque Das Aves. Even with this trip only being two weeks, I somehow made connections in a field that desperately requires for me to have some.

Taylor Jones, Brazil, Study Abroad, 2017


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