Vet Resources

The college offers diagnostic and clinical referral services to veterinarians and their clients, as well as opportunities for consultations, continuing education, and participation in clinical trials.

[bunnies in a box]
[three white domestic rabbits in a pen under six UV lights]
[Tim Fan with a canine patient and vet tech Rebecca Kamerer.]
[Kim Knap talks with a client]
[scruffy dog chained alone on concrete alleyway]
[Surgeons fix congenital abnormality in a puppy]
[Veterinary ophthalmologist Ralph Hamor examines the eye of a black dog.]


The College of Veterinary Medicine is here to serve the veterinary community in Illinois and beyond.

Strong partnerships with practicing veterinarians are vital for the success of the college’s initiatives to educate veterinarians and biomedical scientists, serve the public, and advance animal and human health through research.

Please scan this page to access services, and contact us to let us know how we can improve our service to you.


  • Continuing Education

  • Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

  • Veterinary Teaching Hospital

  • VSC at Illinois (Chicago Emergency/Specialty Clinic)

  • Wildlife Medical Clinic

  • More Services of the College of Veterinary Medicine