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Alumni Share Career Advice with Students

Before spring break, the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine hosted an alumni panel lunch lecture titled “Career Conversations with Alumni.”

The panel featured Dr. Kristen Hicks (Owner of Diamond H Veterinary Services), Dr. Kimberly Livezey (Small Animal Practitioner & Owner, Animal Health Care Center), Dr. Martha Armour (Staff Veterinarian, Capitol Illini Veterinary Services), Dr. Traci Gilber (Staff Veterinarian, Champaign County Humane Society), and Dr. Tony Cappa (Staff Veterinarian, Village Pet Doctor).

The panel opened up with each member stating their professional background. After the opening comments, the panel opened up to questions from the students. Based on the questions from the students, the theme of the panel centered around work-life balance. The members discussed how to balance being a veterinarian, a spouse, and a parent.

The discussion was eye-opening and it was great to hear candid stories about each member’s experience. The overall takeaway from the panel was that, although it may seem difficult to achieve at times, it is important to balance the different hats that you will wear throughout your career and strive for work-life balance.

Sarah Wright, second-year veterinary student