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[Illinois vet student Jason leads you on a tour]

Video Showcases Illinois Veterinary Program

Feb 9, 2021 / General News

Find Your Home at Illinois Vet Med Meet some of the veterinary students who call the University of Illinois home, and find out if the Illinois program is a good fit for your veterinary education.  To learn more about the Illinois program, see our Admissions page:

Yee Ming Khaw and Makoto Inoue

Childhood Trauma Could Play Role in Multiple Sclerosis

Feb 8, 2021 / Comparative Biosciences News

Mouse Study Suggests Treatment Approach Childhood trauma could affect the trajectory of multiple sclerosis development and response to treatment in adulthood, a recent study in mice found. Mice that had experienced stress when young were more likely to develop the autoimmune disorder and less likely to respond to a common treatment, researchers in the laboratory...

Dr. Spencer Kehoe and family

Get to Know Spencer Kehoe

Feb 8, 2021 / Get to Know

Dr. Spencer Kehoe pictured above with wife, Allie, and dog, Dakota, began working as a clinical instructor for Zoological Medicine in January 2021. Describe your role at the college. I’m a clinical instructor in Zoological Medicine at the Veterinary Medicine South Clinic. My main role is to mentor and guide clinical year vet students, our...

[tiger-podcast series]

New Podcast Series: Veterinary Detectives Solve the Case

Dec 17, 2020 / General News

Delivering the Excitement of Discovery The Veterinary Detective, a free podcast miniseries featuring veterinary specialists working through a memorable case, launched this week from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. In the first episode, “The Case of the Coughing Tiger,” Dr. Karen Terio assists in making a novel diagnosis even though the patient...

Dr. Justin Fehr and family

Get to Know Justin Fehr

Dec 8, 2020 / Get to Know

Dr. Justin Fehr began working as a clinical instructor for Primary Care South Clinic in March of 2020. When did you begin working at the College of Veterinary Medicine? March 2020 Describe your role at the college. I’m a clinical instructor in small animal care at Primary Care South Clinic. Here I guide and mentor...

[conference attendees chat]

Earn C.E. at Fall Conference through December 31

Nov 24, 2020 / General News

Stay Connected, Earn CE Credit “Still, we wanted to uphold our traditions of community and access to our own talented faculty. I’m especially eager to see recent Illinois graduates stay connected to the college by coming to virtual Fall Conference.” Yes, we will miss seeing your faces, but you won’t miss out on practice-relevant information...

[mouse fungal lung infections]

Lung Association Grant Funds Research into Fungal Lung Infections

Nov 13, 2020 / Pathobiology

Study Targets Protein Tied to Immunity Som G. Nanjappa, DVM, PhD, a faculty member in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Illinois, was recently awarded a grant through the American Lung Association. Dr. Nanjappa’s grant is one of 98 carefully selected by the Lung Association through rigorous scientific review. In total, a $11.55...

[dog on exam table]

COVID-19: Recommendations for Veterinary Practices

Nov 10, 2020 / COVID-19

Best Practices for Vet Practices This list of recommendations was compiled in March of 2020 by Dr. Ashley Mitek from information provided by the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association, the Illinois Department of Public Health and Department of Agriculture, and Dr. Jim Lowe of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine; it was last...

Allison Artis

Get to Know Allison Artis

Oct 22, 2020 / Get to Know

Allis Artis, Associate Director of Business Services, began working for the college on March 2, 2020, just weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic sent non-essential staff to work from home. When did you begin working at the College of Veterinary Medicine? I started at the College of Veterinary Medicine on March 2, 2020 but I have...

[Mackenzie with Odin the red-tailed hawk]

Vet School in the Age of COVID

Oct 21, 2020 / Student Blogs

A First-Year’s Perspective Under normal circumstances, starting professional school feels a bit like stepping into the unknown. As I anticipated my first quarter of veterinary school, this feeling was only amplified by the uncertainty of a global pandemic. Not only was I unsure of what classes would be like, I was worried that things such...