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[Judson and Megan in surgery in Costa Rica]

Costa Rica Experience Includes Animals, Food, Friendships

Jan 29, 2019 / Student Blogs

‘lifelong friends’ / ‘felt like … a real veterinarian’ During the final week of winter break this month, two Illinois veterinary students journeyed together to Costa Rica to volunteer for the VIDA IVTC Program. As Megan notes, “Of course, I wish I had had more days for surgery and time after the program to explore...

[tony cappa]

Get to Know Dr. Tony Cappa

Jan 9, 2019 / Get to Know

Dr. Anthony (“Tony”) Cappa (shown above taking in a baseball game with his wife, Jill, and kids, Macy and Tyler) joined the faculty this month as a clinical instructor in the shelter medicine program, but he says he’s “familiar with the University as I graduated from the Veterinary College in 2006.” Using 10 words or...

[Illinois veterinary students present to SWATT program handlers]

Hope Behind Bars – Handlers Learn Veterinary Skills

Dec 20, 2018 / General News

Students Make Second Visit to Training Program After our Human-Animal Bond Association club visited Shawnee Correctional Center in October to learn about the S.W.A.T.T. (Shawnee Wellness Assistance Therapy Training) program, we were eager to help in any way we could. The program coordinator, Angela Galbraith, invited us to come back in December when the next...

[older horses]

Caring for Older Horses

Dec 7, 2018 / Student Blogs

With proper care, older horses can prosper The lifespan of the horse has increased over the years. Improved veterinary medicine, a better understanding of care, and the role of horses as pasture pets are some of the factors that allow horses to live past 20 and even 30 years of age. Older horses, however, need...

Students pose after third-year surgery

Teamwork, Support Make First Surgery Rewarding

Dec 5, 2018 / Student Blogs

Junior Surgery Week The week we have all been dreading since we first heard about it: “junior surgery week” If you haven’t hit your third year of vet school yet, you’ve heard about this week being incredibly stressful and tiring. For a lot of people, it is the first time they are doing a spay...

[Steve Juriga]

Veterinarians Collaborate on Website for K9 Handlers

Dec 5, 2018 / Alumni News

Alumnus Contributes Dental Health Information The opioid epidemic isn’t only impacting humans but is now killing working dogs, vulnerable to ultra-potent opioids entering the illegal drug trade. Drs. Maureen McMichael, professor of veterinary clinical medicine, and Stephen Juriga (IL DVM ’87), veterinary dentist, are working together to make resources available to protect working dogs from...

[Reilee Juhl and Sarah Wright]

Networking Leads to Clownfish Research Project

Dec 2, 2018 / Research News

I Plan to Present and Publish My Data Last fall at the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians conference, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Gregory Lewbart of North Carolina State University, who offered to provide support for a summer research project for me. After reviewing current literature in the field, I generated the idea...

Sara Roy poses with a horse

Get to Know Sara Roy

Nov 28, 2018 / Get to Know

Sara is a certified Veterinary Technician in Small Animal Internal Medicine and has been with the college since 2010.  Using 10 words or less, describe what your role at the college is: One of two technicians in Internal Medicine that helps the service to run smoothly. Have you held other titles or responsibilities at the...

 Juanmahel has been a teaching assistant professor with the College of Veterinary Medicine for 12 years. He also works as the Coordinator of Graduate Studies in the Dept. of Comparative Biosciences. 

Get to Know Juanmahel Dávila

Oct 31, 2018 / Get to Know

 Juanmahel, pictured above in a selfie with his wife Aurora. Juanmahel has been with the College of Veterinary Medicine for 12 years. He has been a teaching assistant professor for one year. Juanmahel also works as the Coordinator of Graduate Studies in the Department of Comparative Biosciences.  What is your favorite part of your job?...