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    Yvette Joyce Johnson-Walker

    Clinical Instructor, Veterinary Clinical Medicine

    Address and Contact Information

    1008 W Hazelwood Dr
    Urbana, IL  61802


    • PhD, Michigan State University, East Lansing
    • DVM, University of Illinois
    • MS, University of Illinois

    Research Interests

    Veterinary clinical epidemiology and infectious disease outbreak investigation; geographic information systems as a tool for disease surveillance and monitoring environmental impacts of agriculture; and international programs to enhance health and productivity for farmers with limited resources.

    Courses Taught

    • Epidemiology
    • Food Safety and Public Health
    • Issues in Clinical Research
    • One, Medicine, One Health: Public Policy
    • Colloquium - Biosecurity in the Clinics
    • Poultry Rotation
    • Clinical Correlations
    • Ecosystem Health

    Selected Publications

    • Johnson YJ, Herrmann JA, Wallace RL, Troutt HF, Myint MS.  Development and Implementation of a functional exercise to assess public health agency response to foodborne bioterrorism.  J of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.  2009. Vol 6 No.1/49.
    • Herrmann JA, Johnson YJ, Troutt HF, Prudhomme T.  A Public-Policy Practicum to Address Current Issues in Human, Animal, and Ecosystem Health.  Journal of Vet Med Education.  2009 Vol 36 No. 4 397-402.


    • Endogenous Avian Leukosis Virus as a risk factor for ovarian adenocarcinoma in layer hens.
    • Transmission of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus species among pets, clients, and personnel in a veterinary clinic setting.

    Honors and Awards

    List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their students for Path 641: Food Safety and Public Health. Spring 2009

    Service Activities

    One Health Steering Committee Member

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