Animal Care

Whether your animal needs emergency, specialty, or primary care, you'll find that the college's clinics in Urbana and Chicago put patient well-being and comfort first, along with communication and compassion for animal owners.

Veterinary Care Facilities

Choose among the college’s clinical facilities to find the veterinary services you are seeking in the location most convenient to you. To go to the clinic’s website, click on the name of the facility, or follow the “Learn More” links to read how the facility contributes to the college’s mission.


In Urbana, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides specialty, general, and emergency care for farm animals, companion animals, and exotic pets, in a facility with more than 80 veterinarians. On-farm services are also available.

Small Animal Clinic

1008 West Hazelwood Drive
Urbana, IL 61802
(217) 333-5300

Large Animal Clinic

1102 W. Hazelwood Drive
Urbana, IL 61802
(217) 333-2000

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Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois

In Chicago, the Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois offers low-stress, year-round preventive and routine health care for the life of your dog or cat.

Medical District Veterinary Clinic at Illinois

2242 W. Harrison St., Suite 101
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 226-2588

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In Farmer City, an equine-only clinic delivers wellness, emergency, on-farm (ambulatory), lameness and sports medicine, reproductive services, and more.

Midwest Equine at Illinois

20844 Cumberland Road
Farmer City, IL 61842
(309) 928-2127

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Our farriers are available at the Large Animal Clinic on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Farrier Services

In 2017, the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine acquired both Middlefork Forge, a farrier practice formerly located in Collison, Ill., and the Midwest Horseshoeing School, located in Divernon, Ill. See more at:

Middlefork Forge at Illinois offers quality equine hoof care, including advanced therapeutic shoeing, by AFA-certified farriers. They provide services at the Large Animal Clinic of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana and at Midwest Equine in Farmer City and also see horses at farms/stables throughout west-central Indiana and east-central Illinois on other days. To make an appointment, call (217) 300-5508 or email

Midwest Horseshoeing School offers discounted farrier services, including trimming and shoeing, performed by students and inspected by instructors. To make an appointment, call (217) 300-5621 or email

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[fawn patient in Wildlife Medical Clinic]

Fawns are frequent patients in the Wildlife Medical Clinic in spring and summer.

Wildlife Medical Clinic

Members of the public may bring ill, injured or orphaned native wild animals to the Wildlife Medical Clinic 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The primary goal in the treatment of these patients is to assist in their recovery for release back into the wild. The clinic is a non-profit organization staffed primarily by student volunteers from the College of Veterinary Medicine. The college provides the clinic with space and utilities, but all other expenses for the care of 1,500 wild animal patients a year are paid through donations from the public.

Wild animal patients may be brought to the reception desk at the Small Animal Clinic.

Wildlife Medical Clinic

1008 West Hazelwood Drive
Urbana, IL 61802
(217) 244-1195

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grief child

shelter medicine mobile unit

Our mobile surgical unit was part of a grant from PetSmart Charities.

Shelter Medicine Program

The Shelter Medicine Program partners with the community to reduce pet overpopulation, enhance veterinary education, and improve the lives of dogs and cats. We spay and neuter shelter animals and owned animals brought to rural shelters that offer low-cost sterilization programs to people who cannot afford to have their animals sterilized. We also offer weekend community sterilization clinics for feral and free-roaming cats.

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[black and white dog smiling]

You’ll find dozens of authoritative articles on pet health and more in the college’s Pet Health Columns news feed.

Pet Health Columns

Got a question about a routine or unusual animal health issue? Chances are we have an answer. Most weeks experts on animal health from the college’s clinics in Urbana and Chicago share their knowledge in informative columns written for animal owners. Scan dozens of topics to learn about animal health.

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Vet Med Open House

Among the many hands-on activities at the Vet Med Open House is a cow-milking demo!

Vet Med Open House

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the state’s only veterinary school at the annual Veterinary Medicine Open House in October. This event is free and open to the public, and fun for all ages! (But please leave pets at home!)


Companion Animal Memorial Fund

If you or a loved one have recently lost a pet, a gift to the Companion Animal Memorial Fund is a meaningful way to remember a beloved companion and, at the same time, contribute to research that benefits other companion animals. We will send a personalized card informing the owner of the thoughtful gesture made by you in memory of their pet.

Looking for the CARE Pet Loss Helpline?

The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine no longer offers a grief telephone support service.

For an overview of grief from the loss of a pet and ways to cope with it, please read Take Time to Grieve Your Pet.

Information from the American Veterinary Medical Association on Coping with the Loss of a Pet.