Practitioner Updates

Helpful Reminders for Our Referrers


VetPortal: Online Access to Medical Records

Access to your referral case records is easier than ever with the VetPortal:

If the client has identified you as the referring veterinarian or clinic, you have access to the complete medical record, including: 

  • Release reports (may be in DRAFT form)  
  • Prescription information  
  • Laboratory and imaging reports

To join the VetPortal, please email for your username and password settings.

Advance Communications for Small Animal ER Referrals

To ensure that we serve the patients with the greatest medical need first as well as to ensure that we meet your client’s expectations, please call in advance when sending cases to our small animal emergency and critical care service. We continue to experience high-volume caseload.

Lab Results Not Accessible to Us

Only the clinic submitting the samples can access the results of testing from the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory on samples submitted by a referring veterinarian. Clinicians at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital cannot access the results, even if we have seen the patient before.

Procedures for Deceased Patients Brought for Necropsy

Deceased patients should be presented to the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL) for necropsy, not to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

The referring veterinarian must complete a signed submission form for every necropsy specimen. The form can be brought by the owners or faxed/emailed by the clinic. The necropsy will be billed to the referring clinic and the report will be sent to the submitting veterinarian.

Deceased patients should be brought through the orange door on the west (back) side of the Basic Sciences Building and taken to the receiving window. For delivery after hours, a veterinarian must call to alert the VDL before the client arrives to submit the body in the drop-off cooler.

The VDL receiving hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, and Saturdays, 9 am to noon. If your client needs help, they may call the VDL at 217-333-1620.