Practitioner Updates

Faculty Spotlight: Natalie Bergamaschi, DVM

Dr. Natalie Bergamashi

Dr. Natalie Bergamaschi is an instructor in the small animal emergency and critical care service. 

Tell us about your background.

I am originally from Brazil, where I studied veterinary medicine. Right after graduation I moved to the U.S. for an internship, and to Europe after that, where I validated my diploma and worked for about 6 years prior to moving back across the Atlantic.

What drew you to emergency care? 

I have always loved the fast pace that only emergency rooms can bring. I am particularly passionate about the use of diagnostic imaging in emergency medicine. 

Tell us about a favorite case of yours. 

I don’t have one particular case on the top of my list, but I do love to workup pets that present in congestive heart failure. I feel like they usually present in pretty bad shape, and we can get them better fairly quickly! The owners are also usually very thankful! 

What are your special interests?

Inside the clinic, I am drawn to anything black and white! That means radiographs, ultrasounds, and pretty much anything imaging related!

Outside of work, I am big into sports and have been in love with CrossFit for the past few years. (Yes, I am one of those!)