Practitioner Updates

Pyoderma Clinical Trial: How Long Should You Treat?

Current recommendations for superficial pyoderma say to treat with oral antibiotics for at least three weeks, or one week past resolution of symptoms. However, there are no published therapeutic clinical trials to validate this guideline.

Due to growing concern for antimicrobial stewardship, research is needed in this area. This study is designed to answer several questions related to antibiotic treatment for pyoderma.

We are seeking dogs with superficial pyoderma confirmed by examination and cytology. Oral antibiotic therapy must be clinically warranted. Dogs cannot receive topical medications such as antibiotics or antiseptics to the skin.

Enrolled dogs will visit the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for skin examinations every two weeks for approximately eight visits.

To enroll a patient in the study, please email Dr. Jennifer Clegg, dermatology resident, at