Practitioner Updates

Faculty Spotlight: Lori Madsen, DVM

Dr. Madsen is an instructor in the Equine Medicine and Surgery service.

Tell us about your background.

I grew up in Joliet, Ill. Like many girls, I wanted to ride a horse. I began taking lessons at a barn in Naperville, which quickly turned into a passion for horses. I competed on the local Hunter/Jumper circuit and worked in the barn to offset the costs of lessons and training.

How did you become interested in equine sports medicine?

In my 20s, I moved to the East Coast to work with sport horses competing at a national and international level. Over the years, I began to have more of an interest in working with veterinarians, ensuring the horses were sound and fit for competition and helping rehab the injured horses, than I did in riding and preparing horses for competition. Eventually I decided to become a veterinarian.

What are your special interests?

I am interested in lameness, physical rehabilitation, and diagnostic imaging.  I am a certified equine rehabilitation practitioner and am certified in animal chiropractics. I am currently working toward board certification with the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Tell us about one of your favorite cases.

I diagnosed a pony with a tendon injury. It was owned by a young girl. Because the girl was in school during the day, she was not able to be at the barn to do some of the rehab that I recommended. To ensure that it happened, the grandparents became involved. The pony recovered from its injury because of the team effort from the family. The pony recovered and the girl was able to compete with the pony again.