Practitioner Updates

Small Animal Emergency Service Returns to Level 1

Above, boarded emergency and critical care specialists Drs. Jenica Haraschak and Meghan Fick examine a dog in the newly renovated and expanded ER at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Advance Calls Appreciated

We greatly appreciate your patience and support of our Small Animal Emergency Service as we continue to experience high-volume caseload. We have returned to a Level 1: all cases will be seen, although there may be a substantial wait time.

Only cases determined to be urgent/emergent will be transferred from ER to our specialty services. Stable patients requiring specialty care will be sent home and scheduled with the specialist as appointments are available.

While an advance phone call is not re­quired, we ask that you please continue to call us prior to referring a patient to the Small Animal Emergency Service.

Our goal is to ensure that we serve the patients with the greatest medical need as well as to ensure that we meet your client’s expectations. Calling us in advance will allow us to give a more accurate description of the diagnostics and therapies we can offer as well as financial estimates.

Please note: Our hospital does not provide outpatient ultrasounds, and same-day appointments through ER are not guaranteed.

If you have any questions about a refer­ral from your practice, please contact us at 217-333-5311.

Emergency and critical care clinicians are always available for consultation calls from our referring veterinary partners.