Practitioner Updates

Faster Discharge Reports, Vet Portal

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We heard you! Upon evaluation of the surveys you completed, we put improv­ing communication at the forefront of our goals.

As we continue to strive to provide bet­ter communication with our clients and referring partners, we have updated our Small Animal Visit (Discharge) reports to be more streamlined and relevant. Information for the client deemed nec­essary for immediate continued care of our patients following discharge will be at the beginning of the report. This in­cludes the reason for the patient’s visit, the diagnosis (tentative), medications to go home with and instructions for use, the therapeutic plan, and recommenda­tions for follow-up and home care.

The Visit/Discharge report will be sent home with the client at the time of patient discharge. As the referring veterinarian for the patient, you will also receive a copy of this report. This report may be in DRAFT form as it will remain a draft, and therefore subject to change, until finalized by the clinician of record.

We have elected to allow draft reports to be sent so that information can be shared quickly with you and your clients. The completed report will be sent to you and the client when finalized, with our goal of having the final report out within 3 business days following the patient’s discharge.

Our hope is that this will provide both you and the client with timely access to the information needed for immediate and continued care of the patient. Although the stream­lined report contains basic patient visit information, you have access to the complete medical record for all your patients, including laboratory and imaging reports, through the Veterinary Teaching Hospital Vet Portal:

To join the Vet Portal, please email for your username and password settings.

We thank you for your continued part­nership in the care of our patients.