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Faculty Spotlight: Audrey Billhymer, DVM, DACVR

Dr. Audrey Billhymer headshot

Above: Dr. Audrey Billhymer is a clinical assistant professor in diagnostic imaging.

Tell us about your background.

Dr. Audrey Billhymer is a clinical assistant professor in diagnostic imaging.

I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago (Schaumburg), and I went to undergrad at a small liberal arts college in Minnesota, St. Olaf College. I actually majored in English literature.

I didn’t decide to go to veterinary school until after I graduated. I attended the University of Illinois College of Veter­inary Medicine and graduated in 2016. I then completed a rotating internship in Washington, D.C., and a diagnostic imaging residency at the University of Florida.

How did you become interested in diagnostic imaging?

My interest in diagnostic imaging was sparked during my first year of veterinary school while rotating through the Veteri­nary Teaching Hospital and observing small animal ultrasounds.

I really enjoy the fact that diagnostic imaging is integrated into all specialties and provides continuous case variety.

What are your special interests?

I have special interests in vascular computed tomography and all abdominal imaging.

Tell us about your favorite cases.

My favorite cases are always foreign body obstructions. They can be challenging to diagnose at times but are generally very rewarding because I get a definitive answer after these patients go to surgery.

Most of these patients do really well and go home to happily eat more things. Also, it is just really fun to see the wild things that pets will eat.