Get to Know

Get to Know Joe (Huanyu) Qiao

Joe (Huanyu) Qiao, an assistant professor in the Department of Comparative Biosciences, has been at the College of Veterinary Medicine for a little more than three months.

Using 10 words or less, describe what your role at the college is:
I do research and teaching at the college. (View the Qiao lab website.)

Joe (Huanyu) Qiao

What is your favorite part of your job?
To promote future scientific advancement and educate young scientists and professional people.

Complete this sentence: My most memorable day at work was….
The day when my undergraduate students and I generated our first microscopy image. Below is an image of t
wo fetal oocyte nuclei stained with γH2AX (red), SYCP3 (green), and DAPI (blue).

Qioa microscopy

What would your coworkers be surprised to learn about your life outside of work?
I enjoy reading and playing golf.

Do you have any pets?
Currently, no.