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Get to Know Lauren Kane

Aug 14, 2018 / Get to Know

Dr. Lauren Kane, DVM, MS, zoological and aquatic animal resident, has been with the College of Veterinary Medicine since July, 2018.  Using 10 words or less, describe what your role at the college is: Resident, in the WEAMS (Wildlife and Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery) service and zoo veterinarian. What is your favorite part of...

Extern Broadens Horizons at Equine Facility in Ireland

Aug 14, 2018 / Student Blogs

For the past two weeks I had to amazing opportunity to visit Sycamore Lodge Equine Hospital in Kildare, Ireland. Nestled in the heart of the Curragh racecourse, this equine hospital offers surgery, regular appointments, hospitalization/critical care, and ambulatory services. Throughout my externship at the hospital I was able to work with dressage horses, show jumpers,...

[horse innards and parasites]

Prevent Parasites, Reduce Problems for Your Horse

Aug 9, 2018 / Student Blogs

Lots of kinds of parasites plague our horses, producing lots of problems. A short list of these problems includes weight loss, diarrhea, colic, unthrifty coat, skin sores, suboptimal performance, and the dreaded itchy bum. Keep reading for details on the life cycle and signs of the critters that most commonly afflict horses in Illinois. The...

Get to Know Kellie Lecher

Aug 2, 2018 / Get to Know

Kellie Lecher, CVT, small animal orthopedics clinical coordinator, has been with the College of Veterinary Medicine for six years.  Using 10 words or less, describe what your role at the college is: I help to keep the orthopedic service running smoothly. What is your favorite part of your job? Getting to work with the animals...

Judson Smith

Illinois Students Make Wellness a Priority

Jul 31, 2018 / General News

“As someone who went through a period of depression, I was hit hard when I listened to the data on increased veterinary depression and suicide,” says Judson Smith, a third-year veterinary medicine student. Smith learned a lot about mental health and wellness at the 2017 Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) Symposium, which he attended...

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Risk Factors Linked to Chikungunya, Dengue Outbreaks

Jul 24, 2018 / Center for One Health Illinois

In one of the largest studies of its kind, researchers analyzed chikungunya and dengue outbreak data from 76 countries over a period of 50 years, focusing on regions across the Indian Ocean that are hard hit by these and other mosquito-borne infectious diseases. The analysis of 1959-2009 data revealed that population density and proximity to...

[Drs. Aditi Das and Timothy Fan]

Possible Anti-Cancer Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Metabolism

Jul 15, 2018 / Comparative Biosciences News

Endocannabinoids May Inhibit Cancer A class of molecules formed when the body metabolizes omega-3 fatty acids could inhibit cancer’s growth and spread, University of Illinois researchers report in a new study in mice. The molecules, called endocannabinoids, are made naturally by the body and have similar properties to cannabinoids found in marijuana – but without...

Sarah Wright

Students Enjoy Summer AQUAVET® II Course

Jul 11, 2018 / Student Blogs

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to participate in AQUAVET® II: Comparative Pathology of Aquatic Animals. This two-week course is offered through Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and takes place at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. The course is a natural extension of AQUAVET® I, which I took last summer, and...

Get to Know: Shireen Hafez

Jul 5, 2018 / Get to Know

Dr. Shireen Hafez, clinical associate professor in the Department of Comparative Biosciences, has been with the College of Veterinary Medicine since January 2018.  Using 10 words or less, describe what your role at the college is: Anatomy team leader, teaching, educational research, and service. What is your favorite part of your job? Teaching, the excitement...

[Dr. Jim Lowe poses with a Japanese veterinarian]

Japanese Pork Preference Drives Producers to EVP International

Jul 2, 2018 / General News

EVP International Welcomes 38 Alumni in Japan Responding to the growing demand for pork in Japan, top swine veterinarians in that country recently became the newest alumni of the University of Illinois Executive Veterinary Program (EVP™). In June, 38 veterinarians, representing every major swine practice and pork production company in Japan, spent three days learning...