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Stewart, Matthew C

Professor, Veterinary Clinical Medicine
1008 W. Hazelwood Drive
237 LAC
Urbana, IL  61802


  • PhD, Cornell University
  • MVet, Clinical Studies, University of Sydney, Australia
  • BVSc, University of Sydney, Australia

Professional Certifications

Fellow, Australian College of Veterinary Scientists, Equine Surgery

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (Equine)

Research Interests

Pathophysiology of musculoskeletal disease in the horse and chondrocyte biology; the control of proliferation in articular chondrocytes and the relationship between cell cycle control and expression of chondrocytic phenotypes during hypertrophic differentiation.


show listCourses Taught

  • VCM 651
  • VCM 653
  • VCM 655
  • VCM 503
  • VCM 584
  • VCM 601

show listSelected Publications

  • Stewart AA, Barrett JG, Byron CR, Yates AC, Durgam S, Evans RNA, Stewart MC (2009) Comparison of tendon, muscle and bone marrow-derived progenitor cells cultured on tendon matrix. American Journal of Veterinary Research 70:750-757
  • Schaefer E, Stewart AA, Durgam S, Byron CR, Stewart M. Effects of sodium hyaluronate and triamcinolone acetate on proteoglycan metabolism in equine articular chondrocytes treated with interleukin-1. American Journal of Veterinary Research 70:1494-1501
  • Ketzner K, Stewart AA, Byron CR, Stewart M, Gaughan E, Van harreveld P, Lillich J (2009) Distal limb wounds managed with distal phalangeal casts: 49 horses with 50 cases (1995- 2006). Australian Veterinary Journal 87:363-368

show listGrants

  • Restoring mesenchymal cell plasticity for musculoskeletal tissue regeneration
  • High-throughput stem cell isolation and analysis for cell-based therapies.
  • The use of tendon-derived progenitor cells to promote tendon healing in horses.
  • Comparative chondrogenic capacities of equine synovial-, adipose- and bone marrow-derived cells.
  • Equine aggrecan polymorphisms and osteoarthritis
  • Developing eqBMP-2 for bone and cartilage repair in horses
  • BMP-2 expression and activity in chondrocyte populations
  • Isolation of tendon-derived progenitor cells using the pre-plating technique.
  • Effects of sodium hyaluronate and triamcinolone acetate on chondrocyte collagen metabolism.

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  • Affiliate, Institute for Genomic Biology
  • Affiliate, Beckman Institute

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  • Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation Peer Review Committee
  • Veterinary Medical Scholars Program Steering Committee
  • Phi Zeta Society Research Day Organizational Committee
  • CVM Professional Masters Organizational Committee
  • Graduate Program Advisory Committee
  • VCM Leadership Group
  • Capricious Grading Committee
  • Intern and Resident Committee
  • Courses and Curriculum Committee
  • Equine Medicine and Surgery Internship Program
  • Elections & Credentials Committee