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    Ronald Melville Weigel

    Professorn Emeritus, Pathobiology

    Address and Contact Information

    College of Veterinary Medicine
    2001 South Lincoln Avenue
    2426 Vet Med Basic Sciences Bldg.
    Urbana, IL  61802


    • PhD, University of Illinois
    • MS, University of Illinois
    • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California - Los Angeles

    Courses Taught

    Multivariate Biostatistics

    Selected Publications

    • Rao Sangeeta; Kitron Uriel; Weigel Ronald M, Spatial and genotypic clustering of Salmonella over time in a swine production unit. Preventive veterinary medicine 2010;97(2):90-9, 2010
    • Rao Sangeeta; Maddox Carol W; Hoien-Dalen Patricia; Lanka Sara; Weigel Ronald M, Diagnostic accuracy of class 1 integron PCR method in detection of antibiotic resistance in Salmonella isolates from swine production systems. Journal of clinical microbiology 2008;46(3):916-20, 2008
    • Weigel Ronald M; Nucera Daniele; Qiao Baozhen; Teferedegne Belete; Suh Dong Kyun; Barber David A; Bahnson Peter B; Isaacson Richard E; White Bryan A, Testing an ecological model for transmission of Salmonella enterica in swine production ecosystems using genotyping data. Preventive veterinary medicine 2007;81(4):274-89, 2007
    • Additional Publications

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