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Illinois Part of Gombe Chimp Project

[chimps copyright: Jane Goodall Inst.; Bill Wallauer

Mongabay (Feb. 22) – The Gombe Ecosystem Health Project was born at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. … [Organizers] were soon joined by disease ecologist Thomas Gillespie (now a professor at Emory University) who brought his expertise in infectious diseases among primates to the team. The trio then joined forces with a parallel effort, led by Beatrice Hahn, the virologist who first traced the HIV back to primates, who was examining simian immunodeficiency virus in the Gombe chimps. Since then, the team has expanded to include pathology (Karen Terio, University of Illinois), endocrinology (Rachel Santymire, Lincoln Park Zoo), as well as a host of other specialties.

Research into chimp health benefits human, ecosystem well-being too