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Julia Whittington Named Hospital Chief of Staff

Dec 11, 2017 / Alumni News

‘We are Improving Lives for all our customers’ One sentence from the hospital website contains our mission and purpose: “Simply put, the hospital is dedicated to improving lives: by providing exceptional patient care, by serving animal owners and veterinarians, by advancing veterinary education, and by developing innovative health solutions.” When the college crafted the 2016-2020...

Fund Assists K9s That Serve and Protect

Dec 10, 2017 / General News

Doing All We Can for Working Dogs Dr. Maureen McMichael, who heads the small animal emergency and critical care service at the college, has played an integral role in recent activities. “I have a very special interest in working dogs,” she says. ‘These Dogs Deserve the Absolute Best Care’ Between 2012 and early 2017, about...

Get to Know Mike McGill

Dec 8, 2017 / Get to Know

Mike McGill, an assistant facilities manager, has been with the College of Veterinary Medicine for a year. Using 10 words or less, describe what your role at the college is: Assist in maintaining and improving the facilities at the college. What is your favorite part of your job? My favorite part is communicating with others...

Get to Know Alysha McDaniel

Nov 30, 2017 / Get to Know

Alysha McDaniel, certified veterinary technician at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Emergency and Critical Care Service, has been with the College of Veterinary Medicine for two and a half years. Using 10 words or less, describe what your role at the college is: Helping very critical patients and helping students. (I have also given CE lectures...

cat playing with toy

These 5 Pillars Ensure a Healthy Environment for Cats

Nov 28, 2017 / Behavior

Are you providing your cat with a healthy environment? Providing a cat with a comfortable environment is linked with better physical, emotional, and behavioral health. All cats have the same essential environmental needs. Unfortunately, many cats live in homes that are missing some key elements and this results in stress-related disorders as well as unwanted...

[Pretzel, a brain cancer patient treated with PAC-1)

PAC-1 Trial in Humans with Brain Cancer Extended

Nov 28, 2017 / General News

Dogs with brain tumors responded well to PAC-1 drug combo A drug that spurs cancer cells to self-destruct has been cleared for use in a clinical trial of patients with anaplastic astrocytoma, a rare malignant brain tumor, and glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive late-stage cancer of the brain. This phase Ib trial will determine if the...

horse in mud

Teamwork Saves Horse From Extremely Sticky Situation

Nov 20, 2017 / General News

“It was one of those times when you’re glad you’ve had training, but never expected it to be put to full use,” recalled Scott Hexum, of the eight-hour rescue mission that took place on the evening of September 22. Hexum, who is an anatomy instructor at the College of Veterinary Medicine, has long been active...

[William Helferich, Jodi Flaws, James Hartman]

Study: Genistein May Adversely Affect Female Fertility

Nov 15, 2017 / Comparative Biosciences News

Genistein is found in dietary supplements Exposure to the phytoestrogen genistein prior to conception may adversely affect female fertility and pregnancy outcomes, depending on the dosage and duration of exposure, a new study in mice suggests. Chronic preconception exposure to genistein affected pregnancy rates in mice and was associated with prolonged labor, smaller litters and...

Laura Monaco Torelli

Teach Dogs to File Their Own Nails

Nov 10, 2017 / Behavior

Paw care doesn’t have to be a stressful event. Unfortunately for some, the very thought of trimming dog nails creates anxiety, and makes this important husbandry behavior last on our to-do list. So let’s arrange a few points of success that can help bring the fun back into nail trims! How? By pairing up with...

horse in 3T MRI

Taking a Look Inside: Different Diagnostic Imaging Modalities Available for Horses

Nov 10, 2017 / Student Blogs

The first radiograph (x-ray) was performed in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, the German scientist who discovered x-rays. Within months of Roentgen’s discovery, surgeons started to use the new technology to aid their diagnoses and treatments, including locating bullets in wounded soldiers. Over the past century, our ability to produce high-quality radiographs has improved tremendously....