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Lynsee Melchi at the top of Table Mountain

Keep Going: A Message for My Vet School Colleagues

Mar 8, 2016 / Student Blogs

If you feel like you can’t go on … keep going. Recently a line from the Mozambiquan national anthem (“pedra a pedra…”) popped into my head. My Portuguese skills are pretty laughable, but I know it means “rock by rock,” or more familiarly “brick by brick.” Wikipedia says the full line goes “pedra a pedra...

Illinois Horse Fair

Equine Faculty to Speak at Illinois Horse Fair

Mar 4, 2016 / General News

Heading to the Illinois Horse Fair in Springfield this weekend? Be sure to look up faculty members from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, who will be on hand to offer owner education sessions. Drs. Dennis French and Scott Austin will offer five talks at the event, covering horse anatomy from top to...

Something to Crow about: Bullet Removed from Bird

Feb 25, 2016 / Student Blogs

Winter is a slow time for most wildlife caretakers in the Midwest, and the University of Illinois Wildlife Medical Clinic is no different. Many animals are hibernating or have migrated, and there are no babies around to get into trouble. But, as it always does, work in the clinic has started to pick up with...

[Emily Wechter, River, and Kelsey Stocks]

Student Volunteers Foster Pets’ Second Chance at Forever Home

Feb 24, 2016 / General News

Happy endings make the hard work worth it Old, sick, and homeless, River was in a very difficult position. At a typical animal shelter, this sort of pet doesn’t stand much of a chance at adoption when so many young, healthy, and eager animals are available. Luckily, an animal rescue organization called Hospice Hearts was...

[Dr. Tim Fan with his dog]

Veterinary Oncologist Helps Establish New Interdisciplinary Research Theme

Feb 23, 2016 / Research News

Anticancer Discovery from Pets to People Dr. Timothy Fan, associate professor of oncology in the College of Veterinary Medicine, is among the founding members of a new cancer-related research theme at the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB) at the University of Illinois. The “Anticancer Discovery from Pets to People” theme draws upon...

bones of the skull

A Horse Skull of a Different Color Aids Anatomy Students

Feb 8, 2016 / General News

Students benefit from painted skulls In a classic “lemons into lemonade” story, an instructor in the anatomy laboratory at the College of Veterinary Medicine has turned the defacement of a skull into a teaching tool that enhances learning. “The skull anatomy section is intense,” admits Ashley Lynch, one of the instructional laboratory specialists who assist...

Debi and Dave Stoppkotte

Honoring 16 Years of Service with a Smile

Feb 2, 2016 / General News

The College of Veterinary Medicine says goodbye and congratulations to Dave Stoppkotte on his retirement as an instrument and measurement technician. He has been a trusted and valued resource in the college for the past 16 years. His smile and positive attitude always managed to improve everyone’s day. Dave began his career serving as a...

Amy Fink with Callie

Callie’s Castle: Cat Gets Royal Treatment during Cancer Care

Jan 29, 2016 / Patient Stories

They say a man’s home is his castle, but for one patient at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital, a castle became her home away from home. Callie, an 8-year-old cat, was brought to the hospital because she was having difficulty breathing. Fourth-year veterinary student Caroline Fallon was assigned to Callie’s case. “I could...

Currumbin, Australia, Currumbin Wildlife Foundation, 2015

Jan 26, 2016 / Student Blogs

I spent four weeks at the Currumbin Wildlife Foundation (CWF) located in Currumbin, Australia. A major perk of working in Currumbin was the city itself – the beach with perfect warm water and huge surfing waves was a five-minute walk away, the “coldest” temperature was 80F, and it was always sunny! The small city has...

Dr. Megan Watson and sea otter in Alaska

Vet Resident Assists in Alaskan Sea Otter Rescue

Jan 21, 2016 / Student Blogs

In October, Shedd Aquarium provided an amazing opportunity to travel to Homer, Alaska, through their rescue and rehabilitation efforts. This was in response to a request for veterinary support from the Alaska Sea Life Center (ASLC). The ASLC is part of the Alaska Marine Mammal Stranding Network, which helps respond to calls of stranded (beached)...