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April 28, 2014

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Contact: Dustin P. Babler

Veterinary Students Compete to Build Better Dog House

URBANA - Nine teams of students from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine will swap scalpels and stethoscopes for hammers and paintbrushes on Saturday, May 3, at noon to see which can construct and paint the winning dog house, as judged by a panel of veterinary faculty members.

The team that produces the best dog house, based on such criteria as creativity and school spirit, will win $125 toward the veterinary student club of their choice, said Dustin Babler, a third-year veterinary student who serves as the Nestle-Purina Student Representative and who is organizing the event.

The event is a colorful and practical fund-raiser sponsored by the Nestle-Purina Company, which donated 15 dog house kits and all necessary supplies for their construction. It will take place on the veterinary colleges campus at 2001 South Lincoln Avenue in Urbana.

Most of the completed dog houses will be donated to local shelters. Some will be auctioned off at events later this year, including at the October 5 Vet Med Open House and at a conference for veterinarians to be held in September. The money raised through the auctions will go to support veterinary student scholarships as well as the colleges Wildlife Medical Clinic.