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June 28, 2012

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Contact: Chris Beuoy

Calling Itchy Dogs: Clinical Trial in Veterinary Dermatology

The dermatology service at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital is conducting a six-month study of a new treatment for dogs with atopic dermatitis (environmental allergies).

Qualifying dogs will receive a free examination, allergy treatment, and a $500 in-hospital credit upon completion of the entire study.

There are several criteria in order to be eligible for the study. Owners must be able to make nine visits to the teaching hospital, located at 1008 West Hazelwood Drive in Urbana, over a six-month period. They must also agree to discontinue current medications as directed for the study and must not treat their dog with any medications prohibited during the study.

To be considered for the study, dogs must be mostly indoor dogs weighing more than 6.6 pounds. Dogs that are pregnant or lactating or that will be bred are not eligible.

The dog must have a documented history of non-seasonal allergies, and must be in good health other than having skin allergies. The itching must have started when the dog was less than three years old and must involve licking of the front feet.

The dog must have completed a food trial to rule out food allergies and must not have had an intradermal skin test within four weeks of the study. The dog must remain on the same diet throughout the study.

Other criteria involving tests for parasites, use of heartworm and flea preventative during the study, and acceptable timing of annual vaccinations will be explained. Dogs with a skin infection should be treated before entering the trial, but may continue on treatment up until day 42 of the study.

This study is blinded; dogs enrolled have a 1 in 3 chance of receiving a placebo.

The trial announcement can be found at To find out more, please contact Sandy Grable at 217-244-8303, or email