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February 10, 2012

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Contact: Chris Beuoy

Pet Owners Learn CPR and Other First Aid Techniques

Urbana - More than 30 local pet owners will attend a four-hour training session on Saturday, February 11, to learn what to do in the event their dog or cat has a medical emergency.

The training will be led by Dr. Kandi Norrell, a veterinary who provides primary care services at the University of Illinois Small Animal Clinic. The curriculum was developed by the Red Cross and includes hands-on practice of CPR procedures using dog and cat models.

The session is part of the "Pet U" owner education series jointly sponsored by the College of Veterinary Medicine and the CARE Center, a community organization that provides education and resources to foster a mutually supportive bond between companion animals and people, with the goal of keep pets in homes.

"The goal of the class is to give owners the skills they need for immediate and temporary care for an injured pet until it can be seen by a veterinarian," explains Dr. Norrell.

The course will also cover how owners can protect themselves and the animal from further harm, injury, or suffering during emergencies by teaching prompt, effective first aid actions and care.

Founded in 2004, the CARE Center is a federally tax exempt 501(c)(3) Illinois not-for-profit corporation. We are an all-volunteer organization that relies upon the generous support of donors. See

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