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Office of Public Engagement







This unit of the College of Veterinary Medicine is charged with engaging the public in veterinary medicine through continuing education programs for veterinarians and animal owners, exhibits at events, and Extension programs.

Continuing Education Programs: More than 100 hours of educational programming for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary students, and the animal-owning public are made available each year to meet the diverse educational needs of these audiences. For a current listing of upcoming programs, see the Web site.

Veterinary Education Online: This program delivers professionally developed, university-level courseware for veterinarians and veterinary technicians in an interactive Web-based format. Courses can be taken any time from office or home, at the user’s pace. Find out more at www.VEOIllinois.org.

Pet Columns: These authoritative columns geared toward animal owners are available to veterinary practices for use in client education. To view an archive of past Pet Columns or to sign up to receive them by email, visit vetmed.illinois.edu/petcolumns/.

University of Illinois Extension: University of Illinois Extension provides practical, research-based information to help individuals, families, farms, businesses, and communities in Illinois “put knowledge to work.” Extension veterinarians coordinate contacts with more than 13,000 consulting veterinarians and members of the animal-owning public each year, offering expertise in the following areas: equine, swine, small animal, dairy, and wildlife and exotics.

Open House: The student-run Open House, held each April, includes more than 50 fun and educational exhibits and demonstrations for all ages. The focus is on the art and science of veterinary medicine and animal-related areas. This is a great opportunity for those considering a veterinary career to learn more. Details for upcoming Open House events can be found at vetmed.illinois.edu/openhouse/.