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Large Animal Services

Farm Animal Reproduction Medicine and Surgery

For consultations or appointments, contact:

Large Animal Front Desk for in-house appointments: 217-333-2000

Connie Arnold, CVT, 217-244-5117



Kim Kensell, CVT, 217-244-1357

Linda Walden, for ambulatory (on-farm) appointments: 217-333-7232


  • Assisted reproductive techniques (artificial insemination, embryo transfer, in vitro fertilization)
  • Breeding soundness examinations for male and female animals
  • Castration, dehorning, and routine production procedures
  • Diagnosis and treatment of individual animal disease
  • Herd performance evaluation and consultation
  • On-farm medical and production assistance
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • 24-hour emergency services


Sherrie G. ClarkSherrie G. Clark, DVM, PhD, DACT • Swine theriogenology with a special interest in boar infertility. Male infertility of a variety of species.

Dennis D. FrenchDennis D. French, DVM, DABVP Eq. Practice Herd health and management of horses and cattle with a special interest in equine parasitology and sport horses.

Edgar GarrettEdgar Garrett, DVM, MS • Lameness in cattle, production-limiting diseases of cattle, mastitis control in dairy cattle, and nutrition-related metabolic disorders in cattle and small ruminants.

John A. HerrmannJohn A. Herrmann, DVM, MPH, DACT • Diagnosis and management of subfertility in cattle, breeding management of dogs, herd health investigations and public health assessment and policy development.

Debra S. SauberliDebra S. Sauberli, DVM, DACT • Canine and equine reproduction with an emphasis on infertility and assisted reproduction techniques, especially embryo transfer in horses.

Clifford F. ShipleyClifford F. Shipley, DVM, DACT • Theriogenology in all species with an emphasis on small ruminants, herd health, and management in all species.

Additional Staff

Kris ClementsKris Clements, Resident

Varsha RamoutarVarsha Ramoutar, Resident

  • Connie Arnold, CVT
  • Kim Kensell, CVT
  • Rachel Griffith, CVT
  • Linda Walden, Client Services