Welcome to the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois

Information for the Referring Veterinarian

Important Phone Numbers

Small Animal Clinic
Large Animal Clinic
Referring DVM Hotline217-333-5311217-333-2001
Appointment Line for Clients217-265-5163 or 217-333-5300217-333-2000
Medical Records Phone217-333-5363217-333-8100
Medical Records Fax217-244-9554217-333-9796

Members of the Patient Care Team

The team of caregivers who will work with you and your client to provide exceptional care for the patient will be directed by a faculty member who has received advanced training and, in most cases, board certification from specialty organizations. Other members of the team may include:

  • Residents in training for board certification;
  • Interns engaged in postdoctoral training;
  • Certified veterinary technicians and possibly veterinary technician students;
  • Fourth-year veterinary students.

Please understand that in addition to their clinical service, faculty members also have teaching, research, and administrative responsibilities. Therefore, referrals must be made with the faculty member assigned to clinical duty at the time the animal is presented. This is true even if you've spoken with another faculty member by phone and he/she has encouraged you to refer a case. Although the clinicians on duty during your patient's visit may vary, we strive for close communication among the staff and complete medical records to enable us to provide continuity of care.

Communication Regarding Cases

  • A preliminary contact report will be sent to you after your referral patient has been examined, or the case clinician may contact you by phone.
  • As the referring veterinarian, you will receive a final written report after the patient is discharged.
  • Please contact the appropriate clinical coordinator if you have questions about the diagnostic and treatment plans or estimated costs for referred patients. The clinical coordinators are dedicated to helping you gain information about your patient's status.
  • If you wish to be contacted by email, please send your email address to: medrec@vetmed.illinois.edu.

How to Refer a Patient

Please complete the following steps when you are referring a patient:

  • Contact the hospital via the referring DVM hot line or by calling the appropriate clinical coordinator.
  • Complete the appropriate Referral Data Form (www.illinois.edu/goto/referral). (You may send the completed form with the client or fax it to our Medical Records section before the patient arrives. See fax numbers above.)
  • Provide your client with:
    • a copy of the medical record
    • the completed Referral Data Form (unless it is faxed)
    • relevant diagnostic images
    • the client information sheet and map to our hospital
  • Please inform your clients that a deposit equal to one-half of the estimated cost will be required at the time of admission, and the balance of the bill must be paid in full at patient discharge.
  • If a specialty clinic service appointment is not immediately available, emergency referrals are possible. The clients and the patient will be seen by an intern or resident who is under the supervision of the senior emergency clinician on duty.


  • Please inform your clients that, if their animal dies on the way to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, the clients should report to the admissions office or, after hours, to the emergency room. Our staff will attempt to contact you for your recommendations/instructions concerning necropsy of the animal. If we are unable to reach you, the client will be asked if a necropsy examination is desired and, if so, will be referred directly to the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. In this case you will be listed with the Diagnostic Lab as the veterinarian of record.

Information about Fees

  • Fee increases occur in July.
  • Additional fees may be assessed for diagnostic and treatment procedures performed outside of regular business hours.
  • CDs of diagnostic images are available for a fee 3 to 5 days following discharge. Please contact Medical Records with your request.

Clinical Research Trials

Patients meeting the criteria for clinical research trials may be invited to participate in efforts to find answers to health problems in animals. Such trials may provide access to new treatments not otherwise available and in some cases may assist in covering part or all of the cost of service. For the current list of clinical trials, visit www.illinois.edu/goto/clintrial.

Estimated Cost of Selected Small Animal Procedures*

Referral office visit fee $75 to $100
Emergency fee $105
Arthroscopy of any one joint $1,600 to $2,500
Bronchoscopy $1,200
CSF Tap $380 to $450
Cystoscopy $1,135
Fine-needle aspirate $135
Gastroscopy $1,065
Hemilaminectomy $2,600 to $3,700
Joint tap $245 to $420
Lateral fabellar suture $1,600 to $2,500
Luxating patella $1,500 to $2,400
Oncology evaluation $97
Prostatic wash $180
Rehab, one session $50
Rehab, two daily sessions with board $250
Rhinoscopy with CT $950 to $1,800
Total, unilateral hip replacement $3,600 to $4,200
TPLO $2,600 to $3,200
Transtracheal wash $275
*Fee increases occur in July.