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Clinical Coordinators at a Glance

Clinical coordinators are certified veterinary technicians who are dedicated to working with referring veterinarians before, during, and after their patient's treatment here.

You may contact the clinical coordinator to schedule appointments and discuss treatment options with you or your clients before referring a case. After your patient arrives at the teaching hospital, the clinical coordinator is available to answer your questions, connect you with the doctor managing the case, and keep you informed about your patient. Once your patient is released, the clinical coordinator can provide test resuslt and help with follow-up care.
Clinical Coordinator
Phone (217 AC)
Service Schedule
Senior Coordinator of Client Services and Communications Ginger Passalacqua 333-5311 VTHClientServices@vetmed.illinois.edu For immediate assistance withany service area.
Dentistry Misty Finn 333-5859 VTHDentistry@vetmed.illinois.edu 8:30-5:00 appt: M-Th
Dermatology Sandra Grable 244-8303 VTHDerm@vetmed.illinois.edu 8:30-4:30 appt: M-F
Emergency Small Animal Jessica Garrett 333-5300 VTHER@vetmed.illinois.edu 8:00-4:00 24/7
Equine Hannah Clark 333-2182 VTHEquine@vetmed.illinois.edu 8:00-4:00 appt: M-Th
Exotics/Zoological Medicine Kim Byrne 265-6437 VTHZooMed@vetmed.illinois.edu 8:00-4:00 appt: M, Th
FARMS Kim Kensell 244-1357 VTHFoodAnMed@vetmed.illinois.edu 8:00-4:00 as needed
Imaging Susan Hartman 244-2031 VTHImaging@vetmed.illinois.edu 9:00-5:00 none
Intensive Care Alyssa Galligan 265-8098 VTHICU@vetmed.illinois.edu 7:30-3:30 none
Small Animal Medicine Megan Miller 244-1201 VTHSAM@vetmed.illinois.edu 8:30-4:30 appt: M-F (F rechecks only)
Oncology Nancy George 244-7789 VTHOncology@vetmed.illinois.edu 8:30-3:30 appt: M,T,Th,F
Ophthalmology Shari Poruba 333-5374 VTHOphtho@vetmed.illinois.edu 8:00-4:00 appt: M,W,F
Orthopedics Carrie Bubb 265-5533 VTHOrthopedics@vetmed.illinois.edu 8:00-4:00 appt: M,W
Rehabilitation Kim Knap 265-5314 VTHRehab@vetmed.illinois.edu 7:30-3:30 appt: M-F
Soft Tissue Surgery Michelle Jaeger 333-6808 VTHSoftTissueSurg@vetmed.illinois.edu 8:00-4:00 appt: T,Th
Theriogenology Kim Kensell 244-1357 VTHTherio@vetmed.illinois.edu 7:30-3:30 appt: as needed