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Week 10: It’s a WRAP, folks!

I CANNOT BELIEVE THE SUMMER IS OVER!! It flew by too fast. Words cannot express how much I have enjoyed my time in Oak Ridge, TN. The information I have learned from the students, John Byrd, and about John Byrd and I giving a presentation to a summer camp! snakes have exceeded my [...]

Week 10: It’s a WRAP, folks!2018-08-20T14:10:09-05:00


It was turtle dog week down here in TN!!!! Not only was it great to see the turtle dogs do what they do best but I was able to see my friends from school. Dr. Allender and two of my classmates and turtle team leaders, John and Marta came down as well. It was so [...]

Week 8: TURTLE DOG WEEK in TN!2018-07-31T16:16:46-05:00

Week 6: Oliver Byrd – the CRESO cat

The summer is flying by! We are collecting lots of swabs down here in TN. We have two main sites that we sample from. The first is at the place where I am staying… Hotel CRESO. The land used to be an old landfill for many years. The second site is the University of [...]

Week 6: Oliver Byrd – the CRESO cat2018-07-26T11:59:16-05:00

WEEK 4- Hotel CRESO: living a life of luxury

I've been here about a month now and wow do I have some stories to share! First of all, I want to talk about how awesome of all the CRESO students that I get to work with are. From week 1 to week 4 I have been able to see new students' interests in snakes [...]

WEEK 4- Hotel CRESO: living a life of luxury2018-07-26T11:56:51-05:00

Week 1: Snake Wrangling

I had not planned on going to TN for the summer until about 3 months ago when I was asked by Dr. Allender how much I wanted to stay in Champaign- Urbana. As you can imagine, while I love my little school town, I was not opposed to leaving the area where I spend 99% [...]

Week 1: Snake Wrangling2018-06-13T10:42:39-05:00
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