The Turtle Dogs

The “Turtle Dogs” are owned by Mr. John Rucker, who has bred 5 generations of Turtle Dogs. The family lives in Montana, where the dogs are trained to find turtles without harming them. When the field season comes around, Mr. Rucker takes his dogs to the Midwest to search for box turtles to help researchers like WEL study box turtle health. These dogs are amazing and deserve all of their praise!


Ruger is a two year old Boykin Spaniel who really has the nose for turtles. As stated by his father, “Ruger is not here to make friends. He’s not here to win any elections. Ruger is here to find turtles.” And find turtles he does!


Yogi is a two year old Boykin Spaniel with the sweetest soul. He is the biggest of his siblings and loves to cuddle the most. Yogi has the softest mouth and is the best at finding the tiniest of turtles.


Skeeter is a two year old Boykin Spaniel who has earned the nickname “Skeeter Brained”. While she may be a little slow to start, Skeeter gives her brothers a run for their money in the turtle finding game. She is a doll!


Laz is the daughter of Jenny Wren and the mother of Skeeter, Yogi, and Ruger. Laz is an old reliable when it comes to searching for turtles, and she will find them far away from the other dogs. You will have to ask Mr. Rucker how she got her name!


Scamp will always bring you a turtle when you least expect it! She is the daughter of Jenny Wren, so she has the best turtle-finding DNA.