Lab Projects

Turtle Blood SmearThe Wildlife Epidemiology lab is designed to be a collaborative research, diagnostic, and training lab for new or ongoing studies in free-ranging and captive amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. We encourage collaboration with our lab and we commonly work on joint projects. If you are an organization or researcher and would like assistance in developing or adding a wildlife health component to your work, please contact us.

Through our epidemiological projects we have developed assays that allow us to better characterize the threats to free-ranging wildlife.  We are constantly working to develop new diagnostic assays for current or emerging diseases, so just ask if you are interested in a problem that is not listed below – it is likely you can get us excited!

We offer a unique opportunity for veterinary student training every year. The lab is in the second year of offering a summer fellowship in wildlife epidemiology. These fellowships are centered around practical training in techniques needed to investigate wildlife diseases. These projects have ranged from GIS epidemiology of box turtles, role of co-pathogens, and several others. See the blogs on the main page for last summer’s student projects.

Wildlife Health TrainingAdditionally, we have opportunities in the summer to join the turtle team, that is comprised of 20-30 volunteer veterinary students. This team helps with the project for 8 days each summer while at the same time gaining experience in aspects of wildlife health study design, execution, and analysis. This is truly a unique experience.

Please contact us if you have any questions or want to know how to help!