About Ivana and Bryce

Ivana and Bryce are both second years in the Wildlife Epidemiology Lab. Ivana is interested in a career in veterinary medicine related to zoological companion species. She is passionate about working with exotic pet species, strengthening the human-animal bond between these species and their owners, and improving the overall quality of animal care through research. Bryce is interested in working with all zoologic species although he is particularly interested in reptiles. He understands that there is a lot to be discovered about zoologic species and the diseases that impact them and is excited to contribute to the expansion of that knowledge.

Crickets, roaches, and worms, OH my!

What the heck is that thing? You may have seen it in your backyard, crawling on your tomato plants. It’s a hornworm! Hornworms are high in protein and fat and we fed one to one of our beardies this past week. There’s a video at the end that shows her eating it and loving it! [...]

Crickets, roaches, and worms, OH my!2019-08-07T15:25:41-05:00

Turtles and Dragon Blood

Its been another exciting week for dragon team! With only four weeks left until classes start Ivana and Bryce are really trying to enjoy their last few weeks of summer with the bearded dragons and the epi lab before their lives get a little busier. Ivana doing a subcarapacial blood draw This week, [...]

Turtles and Dragon Blood2019-07-26T10:01:00-05:00

What a Week! Blood, Rats, and Rocks

Pictured above are the NINE rats from Miller Park Zoo. One male and eight females! This past week was full of exotic experiences. Let’s start with Ivana. Ivana is currently doing a prospective research study on rats. Summary: she wants to see if there’s a less invasive, but still accurate method to record [...]

What a Week! Blood, Rats, and Rocks2019-07-19T14:32:33-05:00

Another Crossover Episode?….But This Time with Turtles!

What is that dinosaur? Its an alligator snapping turtle! Quite a unique species, huh? Ivana performing a blood draw from the dorsal tail vein of an alligator snapping turtle Let’s start with the highlights, shall we? On Thursday and Friday morning Bryce and Ivana had the opportunity to help with annual [...]

Another Crossover Episode?….But This Time with Turtles!2019-07-15T11:40:31-05:00

A most peculiar week

It was a strange week for team beardy, with lots of work, travel and celebration. Ivana started off the week with Dr. Webb helping her with another trial of her prospective Alfaxalone study. The study was discussed in a previous blog post but in summary the study consists of administering alfaxalone through variety of [...]

A most peculiar week2019-07-05T14:21:16-05:00

Someone New This Way Comes…Introducing Eliana!

New! This week! And all future weeks! Introducing…..Eliana! Eliana is a rising second year veterinary student who recently joined Team Beardie with Bryce and me. Scroll to the bottoms for a GREAT picture of her. She is a delight, and helped me this week with my personal research project on pet rats. We did physical [...]

Someone New This Way Comes…Introducing Eliana!2019-06-27T14:55:31-05:00

A week in review

The sixth week of summer research has been a busy week for bearded dragon team. The week started with Bryce and Dr. Keller working together to complete the first ­­­trail of the thrombocyte/ leukocyte rich plasma study. Together they drew blood, spun down the blood to get plasma and used a hemocytometer in conjunction with [...]

A week in review2019-06-21T10:53:15-05:00

Alfaxalone: So Hot Right Now!

Dr. Joanna Webb, working with two bearded dragons anesthetized with Alfaxalone Guys! It happened! Dr. Joanna Webb, resident extraordinaire, started her research prospective study (post pilot study) on Alfaxalone, an anesthetic agent in our bearded dragon colony. Dr. Webb is looking to see if this specific anesthetic is an appropriate agent to use [...]

Alfaxalone: So Hot Right Now!2019-06-17T11:11:44-05:00

Using the Past to Help Predict the Future: A Retrospective Study

Exciting news this week! Bryce and I have started working on our personal research projects under the mentorship of Dr. Krista Keller. Dr. Keller, scientist extraordinaire and assistant professor at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, allocates her time between teaching in the classroom, training young veterinarians during their clinical fourth year while [...]

Using the Past to Help Predict the Future: A Retrospective Study2019-06-17T10:18:47-05:00

But that Bearded Dragon has no legs!: Beardie Team’s Crossover with Team Snake

Ivana, Katie V, Dr. Haynes, and Kennymac holding Lake Erie water snakes they hand captured as part of the annual Lake Erie Watersnake (Nerodia sipedon insularum )surveillance study Kennymac taking a picture of a superficial skin lesion on a neonate water snake I scrambled down the rocks, my water logged hiking [...]

But that Bearded Dragon has no legs!: Beardie Team’s Crossover with Team Snake2019-06-03T09:14:13-05:00
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