About Ivana and Bryce

Ivana and Bryce are both second years in the Wildlife Epidemiology Lab. Ivana is interested in a career in veterinary medicine related to zoological companion species. She is passionate about working with exotic pet species, strengthening the human-animal bond between these species and their owners, and improving the overall quality of animal care through research. Bryce is interested in working with all zoologic species although he is particularly interested in reptiles. He understands that there is a lot to be discovered about zoologic species and the diseases that impact them and is excited to contribute to the expansion of that knowledge.

Wait….How Many DNA Extractions Have To Be Done?

Hello WEL followers! Dragon team started out the week with a DNA emergency! As part of Dr. Keller's (our fearless leader and mother of dragons; pictured on the right) Nanniziopsis guerri research project, which is a cutaneous mycoses in bearded dragons, we had to extract DNA from samples veterinarians had collected from around the nation, [...]

Wait….How Many DNA Extractions Have To Be Done?2019-05-23T15:28:43-05:00

Your Weekly How To: How We Care For a Colony of Bearded Dragons

The Wildlife Epidemiology Lab (WEL) houses a variety of reptile colonies for both research and teaching purposes including box turtles, alligator snapping turtles, prairie rattlesnakes, and a variety of other venomous and non-venomous snakes. One of the newest additions is the colony of ten bearded dragons, identified as A-J, who became members of the lab [...]

Your Weekly How To: How We Care For a Colony of Bearded Dragons2019-05-18T13:50:31-05:00

An Introduction to Team Dragon 2019

Hello everyone! Bryce and Ivana here. We are so excited to start our amazing summer of research in the Wildlife Epidemiology Lab with our colony of bearded dragons (Pogonia vitticeps). For those of you that were wondering, those are two of our guys from the lab in the picture blow on the left. But before [...]

An Introduction to Team Dragon 20192019-04-26T15:08:08-05:00