It was a strange week for team beardy, with lots of work, travel and celebration. Ivana started off the week with Dr. Webb helping her with another trial of her prospective Alfaxalone study. The study was discussed in a previous blog post but in summary the study consists of administering alfaxalone through variety of routes and then monitoring physical signs such as heart rate, righting reflex and jaw tone.

While Ivana was working hard helping Dr. Webb, Bryce was climbing mountains in the Smokies getting some much-needed time camping and hiking.

On Tuesday it was Bryce’s birthday and his turn to help with the alfaxalone study. Although it was a lot of work keeping up with the bearded dragons it was definitely a great way to spend his birthday and certainly one that he will not forget. The next day was the Fourth of July!!!

In celebration the bearded dragons got an extra berry which they were all certainly excited about. The rest of the week was spent taking care of the bearded dragons, working on our projects and enjoying time with friends and family during the holiday.