Molly Stanavage

Tell us about your background.

I grew up on a small diversified farm in CT primarily raising egg laying chickens and managing honey bee colonies. I attended the University of Connecticut earning an Associate’s and Bachelor’s in Animal Science. Following those formal years, I pursued a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and once the program finished began my current career as an agricultural teacher at a high school. I enjoy the educational aspects working with kids to help them broaden horizons while operating a regenerative family farm on the side.

How did you become interested in the Master of Veterinary Science degree program?

I was interested in the Master of Veterinary Science program because of the opportunities to apply various concepts to both my school and farm. I was looking for a way to get an additional master’s for an affordable price and this fit the bill best.

Now that you are finishing the degree program, what will you do next?

Upon completion of the program, this degree will allow me to better educate my students.

What is one thing about the program you would say to someone considering this degree?

This program would be good for anyone who is looking to learn about thinking differently in relation to livestock management. There are aspects of veterinary medicine, biosecurity and business management all wrapped up in one degree.