Faculty and Staff


  • Jim Lowe

    Jim Lowe

    Director, Associate Professor Professional Profile 217-300-6398jlowe@illinois.edu

  • Brian Aldridge

    Brian Aldridge

    CVS Program Director, Clinical Professor Professional Profile 217-300-7439ba311@illinois.edu

  • Holly Fuson

    Holly Fuson

    Associate Director Professional Profile 217-265-6388hjayne@illinois.edu

  • Kaylee Hillinger

    Kaylee Hillinger

    Associate Director of Industry Relations Professional Profile 815-762-9869kawilli2@illinois.edu

  • Clarissa Leman

    Clarissa Leman

    Assistant Director of i-Learning Center CITLProfessional Profile217-300-1728leman1@illinois.edu


Online Programs and Extension Center Team

  • Greg Boozell

    Greg Boozell

    Sr. Instructional Media ProducerCITL Professional Profile217-300-4225gboozell@illinois.edu

  • Jennifer Fugate

    Jennifer Fugate

    Academic Advisor and Program Coordinator Professional Profile 217-300-9756jfugate2@illinois.edu

  • Jen Gibas

    Jen Gibas

    Visual Media Design SpecialistCITLProfessional Profile217-265-4089jengibas@illinois.edu

  • Brennen Gragert

    Brennen Gragert

    Multimedia Communications SpecialistProfessional Profilegragert2@illinois.edu

  • Elenor Greer

    Eleanor Greer

    Academic Advisor and Program Coordinator Professional Profile 217-244-2056egreer2@illinois.edu

  • Janet Sinn-Hanlon

    Janet Sinn-Hanlon

    Biomedical Visual Media SpecialistProfessional Profile217-300-6590j-sinn@illinois.edu

  • Jackie Sturdyvin

    Jackie Sturdyvin

    Office Manager Professional Profile 217-333-2907strdyvn@illinois.edu

  • Ying Xiu

    Ying Xiu

    Instructional Designer Professional Profile 217-300-4987 yxiu@illinois.edu


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