Janet Sinn-Hanlon


Biomedical Visual Media Specialist

Janet Sinn-Hanlon earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Illinois State University, where she undertook a pre-med curriculum.  Janet worked for several years in clinical and research laboratories focusing on immunology and histology before pursuing a master’s degree in biomedical visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Janet worked for many years for the Imaging Technology Group (ITG) at the Beckman Institute on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus, where she consulted with researchers and graduate students in choosing and implementing software for quantitative analysis, visualization, and presentation of experimental data.  While at ITG, she collaborated with researchers and educators on numerous projects, including: Chickscope, Bugscope, and the “The Mandible Reconstruction Project.”  She also worked with researchers to provide data visualization, 3D models, and illustrations for scientific presentations, articles, and journal covers.   

In 2011, Janet joined the Design Group the College of Veterinary Medicine, where she produced original and data-derived 3D models, illustrations, animations and design for use in the veterinary educational curriculum, 3D prints for surgical planning, and research presentations. While at the Design Group, she collaborated with members of the Design Group, veterinary school faculty, and Dr. Alan Craig, Ph.D., formerly of NCSA, to create “Illinois Cow,” the school’s first Augmented Reality anatomy application.   

Janet now works for the iLearning Center and is currently collaborating with Dr. Heidi Phillips, members of ITG, HCESC, and iLearning to create a Virtual Reality Canine Spay.   

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