Irina Pernoll

Tell us about your background.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in French & Political Science & Art History, a Master’s in business administration and a Master of Arts from the Institut Politiques de Paris.

I worked for 20 years in the tech industry, focused on all aspects of marketing. In the last couple of years, I joined a family-owned ranch, a diversified cow-calf and commercial hay operation.

How did you become interested in the Master of Veterinary Science degree program?

When I became involved in running the family ranch, I decided to learn more about livestock management, cattle anatomy & physiology, livestock disease management, etc. I had the skill set to run the business operations but needed to learn more about animal science.

Now that you are finishing the degree program, what will you do next?

The program has been a tremendous help already, as I tackle various livestock related issues on the ranch. Over time I might explore other jobs in the industry if I leave the family business. The degree has given me the animal and industry knowledge, which combined with my MBA and the skillset of running a business, makes me a strong candidate for a variety of positions.

What is one thing about the program you would say to someone considering this degree?

If you have an interest in livestock, this program will give you a solid foundation. All you need is the interest and intellectual curiosity. Don’t let a lack of veterinary background hold you back from applying or enrolling. You can do it!