The Capstone is an Innovation Project!

It’s designed to encourage students to draw upon their creativity for innovation, integrating theory, practical experience, research, data collection, analytic skills, writing, and critical thinking into a hybrid research-design project targeted toward generating a solution to a real-world problem.

Process Workflow

  • Improve Operational efficiency  
  • Increase effectiveness  
  • Solutions to Problems


  • Create curriculum plans  
  • Design a course   
  • Fill knowledge gaps 

Physical Device

  • Tool
  • Sensor 
  • Hardware 

Business Solutions

  • Improve Data Collection  
  • Analyze Outcomes   
  • Increase profit

The capstone project is a total of 8 credit hours broken into two semesters. Each student will complete MVS 595 Section I and Section II to complete the capstone requirement for the MVS degree. To conduct your ILE project, you will be asked to complete the following steps:   

  • VCM 595-Section I (16 weeks, 4 credits )   
  • VCM 595-Section II (16 weeks, 4 credits )   
Siebel Center

Design Thinking   

We partnered with our colleagues at the Siebel Center for Design to help guide you through your innovation projects by utilizing the human-centered designed problem solving approach

Capstone Project Overview

Curious about what you’ll do in a capstone project? Dr. Lowe gives an overview of project objects and deliverables.

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