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The curriculum is intentionally flexible to meet the career goals of each student. You and your advisor will map your path to graduation. 

Degree Requirements (32 Hours)

To satisfy the degree requirements, you need to complete:  

  • 32 Hours of coursework  
  • 2 required courses  
    • Capstone Project: VCM 595: Integrative Learning Experience (8 hours)
    • VCM 565: Biostatistics, Information Management, Data Analytics (4 hours)  
  • 20 hours of elective courses

Required Courses

Elective Courses

Students can select courses from a variety of elective tracks or topics within our degree. Approved elective courses are listed below.

If students are part of the on-campus program, there may be additional electives available. Students should work with their academic advisor to identify on-campus elective options and get them pre-approved before enrolling each semester.

VCM 504Introduction to Veterinary Science (Previously VCM 505)3
VCM 505Intro to Veterinary Science (Available until Fall ’24, replaced by VCM 504)3
VCM 507**Veterinary Form and Function3
VCM 509Biology of Veterinary Pathogens3
VCM 513Science of Health Homeostasis3
VCM 514Science of Health Evaluation3
VCM 515The Dynamics of The Immune System in the Maintenance and Defense of Health3
VCM 517Imaging Anatomy1
VCM 547Global One Health3
VCM 560Infectious Disease in Livestock Systems3
VCM 561Biosecurity Systems4
VCM 564Intro to Business Strategy for Livestock3
VCM 568Operations I Livestock Systems3
VCM 569Operations II Livestock Systems3
PATH 629Emergency Preparedness and Response to Foreign Animal Diseases2
ANSC 422*Companion Animal Nutrition3
ANSC 499*Dairy Nutrition & Diet Formulation2
EPOL 472*Instructional and Training System Design4
EPOL 483*Learning Technologies4
BADM 508*Leadership and Teams4
BADM 509*Managing Organizations4
BADM 520*Marketing Management4
BADM 567*Operations Management4
IS 534*Information Consulting4
*These courses are offered through colleges through The University of Illinois, other than the College of Veterinary Medicine. They require approval from your academic advisor.
**students who completed VCM 505 prior to Fall 2023 cannot earn credit for both VCM 505 and VCM 507

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