A Bird’s-Eye View

An injured adult barred owl was recently presented to the Wildlife Medical Clinic. At the triage exam, we assessed this animal to have head trauma, with notable bruising around the right ear, bloody nasal discharge, blood in the right eyeball, and a dull mentation. We started the owl on fluid therapy and pain medication to prevent further brain injury due to her trauma. The severity of her signs was concerning, and we were initially very guarded on her prognosis. She was assessed frequently, medications adjusted as needed, and we remained hopeful she would respond well to her care. Continue reading

Sneky Situation

Jamie Booth c/o 2023

Unlike many you may ask, most of us in the Wildlife Medical Clinic LOVE seeing snakes come in and are eager to help them in any way we can. This excitement was no less when a recent patient of ours, a common garter snake, came in stuck to a piece of packing tape. The poor little noodle had the unfortunate luck of slithering into someone’s home and getting all tangled into the sticky side of the tape. Luckily, the snake had entered the home of an animal lover who quickly brought it to the Clinic so we could help! Continue reading