Thank you, WIXY 100.3!

Last week, we shared some helpful tips on social media regarding how to manage your dog in your backyard if you find a rabbit’s nest. The post was shared with over 35,000 people on Facebook, and we were delighted to hear WIXY 100.3 sharing the information on their morning segment! Listen to the coverage by clicking ‘play’ on the black bar below:

Find this segment and others on the WIXY 100.3 website here:

Read our full article about what to do if you find a rabbit here:

Dr. Sander on Orphaned Wildlife

Spring has certainly sprung in the clinic! We currently have several orphaned squirrels and bunnies that were brought in over the past week. Dr. Sander and some of these orphans made an appearance on ciLiving to share some great advice about what to do if you encounter apparently orphaned wildlife. Remember, babies have the best chance of survival if there is any way they can be kept with their mom! You can browse our website for resources on orphans of many native species here:…/wildlife-help-and-resources/

Summer Volunteer Interview

One of the unique experiences while attending veterinary school at the University of Illinois is the opportunity to engage with the Wildlife Medical Clinic (WMC). All of the patients presented to the WMC are cared for by approximately 110 dedicated volunteer veterinary students that are grouped into teams to help treat our patients. In addition to our veterinary students, each team has one to two undergraduate volunteers. Just like the veterinary students, these undergraduates take time out of their busy schedules to assist in caring for our multitude of patients. They are integral team members that contribute so much to our clinic.

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