Got Milkweed?

By: Lauren Vincent, Class of 2023

Milkweed is a native Illinois perennial plant that serves a unique role in our backyard ecosystems and across the country. This plant is the only host for Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) making it critical for their survival. With progressive urbanization and habitat loss, milkweed distribution has plummeted, bringing the monarch populations down with it.

chart showing Monarch population decline

Chart created by Monarch Watch.

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Orphan Season

The weather is starting to get warmer and the days are beginning to last longer – orphan season is about to start! We see the young of various species in our clinic each year; of those, each has its own unique breeding timeline and characteristics. So, what does the breeding season look like for our patients? Below, you’ll find information on some of the most common mammals that we see in the WMC during the spring season!

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Sustainable Swaps for the New Year!

Written by Lauren Vincent, Class of 2023

Let’s start 2021 off right by swapping out some common household items for more sustainable options! Approximately 14 billion tons of trash are dumped into the ocean each year and by 2050 scientists predict that there will be more plastic in the ocean by weight than fish. Becoming more conscious of our impact on the environment is the perfect addition to our list of New Year’s resolutions. Here are our top five picks to avoid single-use plastic bottles and reduce your carbon footprint (plus they make excellent gifts!).*

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