Star-Gazing Red-Shouldered Hawk

Student blog by: Dana Clark (Class of 2019, volunteer team leader)

Presentation: A red-shouldered hawk presented to the Wildlife Medical Clinic on February 11, 2018. On physical exam, the patient was initially dull, but perked up with continued handling. Star-gazing was seen, as well as an inability to stand. The patient was appropriately conditioned (no signs of nutritional deficiency). No other abnormalities were found on physical exam, other than wet feathers. When the patient was placed in a cage, it became dorsally recumbent (laid on its back) and was either unable or unwilling to right itself.

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A Barred Owl Valentine

Barred Owl: from head trauma to flight

An adult barred owl was brought to the Wildlife Medical Clinic on a cold February day. Volunteers quickly appreciated classic signs of head trauma: dazed look, inappropriate reaction times, blood in the mouth and nares, and even a deviated mandible (lower jaw).

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