About Kayla

Kayla is a third year vet student, her main focus is to explore the epidemiology of common pathogens of reptiles and amphibians in eastern and southern Illinois.

Turtle Team’s camping adventure at Forbes!

This was our second time, ever, searching at Stephen A. Forbes State Recreation Area in southern Illinois. This search site was so far away from the Wildlife Epidemiology Lab that we had to stay overnight near the site. This means that we got to camp after searching for Eastern Box Turtles and after labwork was [...]

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Day #3 Kickapoo

May 18th 2016   It was a sunny day at Kickapoo State Recreation Area with little to no wind. We captured eight turtles in total during a 2 hour search effort.   An added gem to this search effort is that it correlates with Jeremy's PhD study! His radiotelemetry project with Eastern Box Turtles was planned [...]

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Day #1 Collison

May 16th 2016   It was a mostly sunny day at Middle Fork State Wildlife Area (a.k.a. Collison) with little to no wind. Collison, as a site, is right down the road from Kickapoo State Recreation Area. We captured nine turtles in total during our 2 hour search effort. Not only was it a beautiful [...]

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