TT Leaders’ Declassified Survival Guide- Disaster Version

This week was quite an eventful one. Illinois and neighboring states experienced low air quality due to the Canadian wildfires (did someone say global warming?). Along with the polluted air, the residents of Urbana-Champaign also experienced thunderstorms and power outages that lasted days. These events inspired the special edition of our Survival Guide. This week we will be sharing our tips for surviving a disaster.

Tip #52- Learn how to open your garage door manually.
–> Without mentioning anybody by name (Lily), some people didn’t know it was possible and thought they were stuck at home until the power was back.

Tip #101- Keep a few extra N-95 masks within reach.
–> While good air quality is usually between 0-50 AQI, this week’s levels reached a high of 290 AQI. In some places, people were advised to wear masks when going outside.

Tip #77- Don’t forget about our turtle friends.
–> In many cases, we know what is happening, but our shelled friends do not. While driving, keep close attention to any wondering turtles and ensure to take good care of any turtle under your care.

Tip #288- Hot Turtle Summer
–> Turtles are poikilotherms, meaning they cannot regulate their body temperature. In case of a power outage, keep that in mind.

Tip #877- This is why we do this.
–> This is an excellent opportunity to reflect on our role in climate change. Natural disasters occur more frequently as a consequence of the wasteful lifestyle humankind has embraced. We must act now and be the change we want to see in the world.


We hope you will never need these tips, but if you do, we hope you find them helpful. Stay safe and as always, please send us your survival tips to @Wildlifeepilab on Instagram or @WildlifeEpiLab on Twitter.

Happy 4th of July from your WEL family!