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Nick is a second year student hoping to specialize in zoological and conservation medicine. Surina is a first year student hoping to specialize in zoological and aquatic medicine.

Snaps for Snappers

While the Blanding's continue to nest, we had the opportunity to get some more experiences with Painted and Common Snapping turtles. Usually, when it comes to snappers, Surina shies away but this week, with the encouragement of Nick and Bill, not only did she handle a snapping turtle, but was able to process one from [...]

Snaps for Snappers2023-06-26T23:16:23-05:00

Turtle Doulas At Your Service

This week was filled with a lot of hiking ft the wonderful Sam. Sam has been traveling around to the different counties helping the teams out as well as conducting turtle sampling on her own. We were so happy to have her this week. She helped make all the long hikes enjoyable and even told [...]

Turtle Doulas At Your Service2023-06-19T20:51:55-05:00

Nesting Season is Upon Us

This week started off quite a bit rocky but it didn't stop us from checking every trap, empty or not. With nesting season starting, we had anticipated that we were not going to trap as many turtles. This made each turtle we sampled that much more special.   Bill is intensely observing Nick in action [...]

Nesting Season is Upon Us2023-06-11T22:20:28-05:00

A Little Heat Never Hurt Nobody

This week is brought to you by over 90F weather and case of turtle fever.   Though this week was shorter, it did not stop us from tightening our waders and jumping into the marsh looking for our turtle friends. We even had Dr. Allender and the newly Dr. Alexis Davidson, an old Kane County [...]

A Little Heat Never Hurt Nobody2023-06-04T21:20:15-05:00


This week is brought to you by World Turtle Day and very sticky marsh mud.   While Week 2 was a short week for us, we were still able to have a successful haul and celebrate World Turtle Day ft Dr. Kaitlin. This week, we were mainly stationed in one location. We started off the [...]


Our First Week in the Marshes

And just like that, our first week of the season has come to and end and boy has it been an adventure. We started off the week with the amazing Dr. Laura and Sam helping us catch a mix of Blandings, Painted, and Snapping turtles. Our Kane Co field Biologist Bill was amazing and placed [...]

Our First Week in the Marshes2023-05-22T16:10:56-05:00

Meet the Turtle Team Duo

Hello Turtle Friends and Welcome to the first official post of the 2023 Kane County Turtle Field Season blog! This blog is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood vet students Surina and Nick.   Now for a little get to know you... Surina just finished her first year of veterinary medical school at the [...]

Meet the Turtle Team Duo2023-05-22T16:11:45-05:00
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