About Aubrey

Aubrey is a student in the Wildlife Epidemiology Lab, going into her third year of veterinary school. She's excited about all fields of veterinary medicine, but is most passionate about conservation of endangered species, wild animals and their habitats. She is interested in working with all zoological species and aims to focus her career efforts toward protecting and preserving our planet's most vulnerable populations.

Week 2: Tracking Turtles – An Insight to Radiotelemetry

Left to right: Dr. Matt Allender, me, Dr. Erin Newman, You Na Jeon This week, we added a few more helping hands to the Kane County Blanding's team!  You Na Jeon, our visiting fourth-year veterinary student from Wisconsin, stuck around to help for the week and on Wednesday, we had a surprise visit [...]

Week 2: Tracking Turtles – An Insight to Radiotelemetry2019-06-22T08:57:53-05:00

Week 1: Getting my bearings

Hello again!  I promise I haven't forgotten about you guys; it's been difficult to update my blog with all my adventures the past couple weeks since I haven't had access to internet! So much happened during Week 1, I hardly know where to start!  The first week was filled with fun, new experiences, friendly visits [...]

Week 1: Getting my bearings2019-05-29T00:14:28-05:00

Intro to Kane County Blanding’s One Woman Team!

Hi there!  My name is Aubrey Engel and I'm a second year vet student in the Wildlife Epidemiology Lab (WEL)! This summer I will be heading up north to Kane County, IL to pilot a new health study in Blanding's turtles (Emydoidea blandingii).  This study will be very similar to the one my colleagues, Kirsten [...]

Intro to Kane County Blanding’s One Woman Team!2019-05-27T21:57:54-05:00