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Vetstar Training and Reference

Vetstar is the hospital information system used by the UI Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH). With Vetstar, the VTH maintains an electronic medical record for each patient that comes to the hospital.

Please note that the same confidentiality rules used with our paper medical records apply to Vetstar records.

Vetstar serves many purposes at the UI VTH. Click on the following links to access pages dedicated to selected topics.

  1. Access your patient's account

  2. View Information and Reports

  3. Quick command listing

  4. Junior Surgery Instructions

  5. Vetstar Navigation

  6. Enter your patient's weight and history.

  7. Enter Patient Reports in Vetstar (Discharge, History, Referral, Surgery, SOAP)

  8. Charge screen - add procedures to patient visit

  9. Entering Prescriptions in Vetstar.

  10. Client communications - enter your communications with patient owners, referring veterinarians, and others into Vetstar.

  11. Print Rabies Certificates

  12. Reprint Drug Information Sheets

  13. Printer information

  14. Appointment reports
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