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Vetstar Rabies Certificate Print

Click here to download a hard copy of these instructions (Microsoft Word format)

  1. Access your patient’s account on the Vetstar Home screen.

  2. Do one of the following:

  3. The vaccination certificate will open in the Report Viewer. Click on the Print button or Printer icon, or press Alt/r, to print.

    rabies cert

  4. Change the number of copies to 3 before sending to the printer.print 3

  5. One copy is for the owner, one for the record, and one for mailing to the Champaign County Animal Control Office. Circle the recipient on each copy on the bottom of the page.

Information printed on the rabies certificate may be viewed in the Patient Tracking screen (quick command pt). If this information is not correct, please contact medical records (333-5363 or medrec@vetmed.illinois.edu ) or vetstar-help@vetmed.illinios.edu.

Created 9/4/09 DML

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